The Science behind MYHIXEL

Scientific Background: Our commitment to research

Since 2018, we have invested more than €50,000 simply on medical research, which is a significant commitment for a startup, and one which guarantees the efficacy and reliability of our products.

Even today, we are still using scientific innovation to continue developing new solutions to improve the sexual wellness of men and their partners.

Our first internationally-renowned and revolutionary research on ejaculatory control, was developed in collaboration with the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Sexological Institute of Murcia, Spain.

In fact, the programs included in the MYHIXEL Play app are the result of this scientific innovation that allows men and their partners to have a better sex life, thanks to ejaculatory control, and without any side effects at all.

Our pleasure device, MYHIXEL I, has also been designed by medical experts and engineers to guarantee the best possible experience. MYHIXEL I is CE marked.

In addition to this, MYHIXEL has a professional team trained in sexology and medicine on hand to attend to any user regarding their experiences, as well as to resolve any sexual concerns or questions. All this is carried out discreetly and confidentially online.

MYHIXEL aims to encourage men to enjoy their sexuality and achieve full sexual well-being by acquiring new skills, such as ejaculatory control, along with many others.

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