This 2022, MYHIXEL joins Mammoth Hunters, the leading APP in functional training, to help you improve your intimate health

Achieve your goals

With Mammoth Hunters you don't need to go to the gym to achieve your goals. You can train wherever you want, with 15-minute workouts to make your life easier, and with exercises adapted to the equipment you have.

You choose where

You choose when

You choose how

A plan designed by professional trainer and sex therapists

At MYHIXEL, we understand that sexual health must be cared for from different areas. Therefore, in addition to offering solutions, accessories and clinical consultations to improve this aspect of our intimate life, we have specialized in the design of training plans for sexual enhancement, hand in hand with the best professionals.

The MYHIXEL Exercise Training Plan in Mammoth Hunters APP has been developed by Daniel Fernandez, MYHIXEL's trainer, who is an expert in physical preparation and functional and performance training. It was prepared in collaboration with experts from the sexology field.

This interdisciplinary team has developed a plan that pursues the objective of gaining muscular endurance, burning fat and improving circulation; factors that directly affect sexual performance.

Constancy and commitment: the keys to success

Our sessions are programmed to have a difficulty and intensity that increases each week. For this reason, it is important to be constant and to not give up! The goal to achieve is your sexual well-being and you will achieve it after a few weeks.

Complete the questionnaire and start challenging yourself!


Enjoyable workouts, get motivated by watching your progress!

✓ An APP that you will never want to leave. Find the balance between enjoying yourself and getting results.

✓ With only 5 sessions you will create the habit of training.

✓ Compare your results over time. Advanced charts that measure your performance.

✓ Unlock new challenges and constantly improve.

✓ Know what muscle groups you have developed.

More than 8000 people have already joined the MYHIXEL revolution!

I haven’t yet finished the program, but I am noticing a big difference and I am feeling much more confident when it comes to my sexual life! I Highly recommend!

Craig Ruiz

Take your sexual wellness to the next level!


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