MYHIXEL is a scientifically-proven method that helps to control male ejaculation. It combines the anonymized app, MYHIXEL Play, that contains our unique scientific and game-based program, together with our innovative pleasure device, MYHIXEL I, specifically designed to achieve ejaculation control.

How to activate the App

Watch the following instructions for your App activation.


Once you have received your MYHIXEL MED or MYHIXEL TR pack, which includes the MYHIXEL I pleasure device and your own personal MYHIXEL Play program code, then you’re ready to start enjoying the MYHIXEL experience.
Download the MYHIXEL Play App from your App Store and get registered. After that, you just need to enter your program code to access your own personalised program. You can then choose whether you want to perform the exercises individually or with your partner. It’s up to you!

Start to enjoy yourself with MYHIXEL I

Now comes the best part!  Start to really enjoy yourself as you learn how to control your ejaculation thanks to MYHIXEL MED, to learn how to control and delay your ejaculation, or MYHIXEL TR, to improve climax control and acquire the skills you need to really take your sex life to the next level.
The activities are all carried out with MYHIXEL I, the most advanced masturbation device on the market, which gives you the most realistic penetration sensation ever.
MYHIXEL I is specifically designed to optimize the results of the MYHIXEL Play program – to help you control ejaculation and last longer during sex.

Enter your results stage by stage

Each phase has its own particular goal to attain, and everything is clearly defined. You simply have to enter your scores in your profile on completion of each stage. Your results are monitored so that you can easily see how you’re improving. Your profile is private and secure.
As you complete each stage, you will see how you are progressing. You can also get advice from professional sexologists to help you at any stage of the program if you so wish. With the MYHIXEL MED program, we include a medical consultation with a sexual health expert.
So, everything is ready for you to start benefiting from the MYHIXEL experience while improving your sexual performance, either alone or with your partner.