MYHIXEL offers a scientifically-proven revolutionary solution for male sexual health



Patricia López Trabajo


We know that sex is important, and our goal with MYHIXEL is to support and look after male sexual health by offering a revolutionary solution to help men improve the quality of their relationships, thanks to its total climax control.

What is MYHIXEL?

MYHIXEL is a Spanish startup founded in 2017 with the mission of improving male sexual well-being.

Thanks to nearly 5 years of medical research led by a team of internationally-renowned sexologists, doctors and scientists, MYHIXEL offers the only solution on the market that allows men to control their ejaculations naturally.

It’s a revolutionary method that combines our cutting-edge therapeutic device, MYHIXEL I, together with a game-oriented and scientifically proven methodology using the MYHIXEL Play app, which allows men and their partners to reach a new sexual level



Patricia López Trabajo leads the MYHIXEL project. She was born in Seville, and has extensive experience in several very diverse sectors, among them tourism and the eroticism industry. In fact, after working for several years for leading brands in this field, she became aware of the lack of products available for improving male sexual well-being. This is one of the main reasons why she embarked on the adventure of founding MYHIXEL.

“Currently there are many companies with products for female sexual wellbeing; however, it is difficult to find specialized brands for men. In MYHIXEL we want to respond to this need, and, for this reason, we have developed a scientifically-proven method, the result of pioneering research in its field, which aims to improve the quality of sexual relationships by controlling a man’s climax, in a natural way and with no side effects”


Evolution of a man’s average sexual endurance by using the MYHIXEL method

31% of men between 18 and 56 years of age suffer from premature ejaculation, and 85% of these men prefer to keep quiet about this worrying problem. This is according to a study carried out by the National Health and Social Life Survey (LNHES). This is a substantial percentage of the male population, especially considering that most men are very interested in achieving ejaculatory control and improving their performance in bed.

At MYHIXEL we have a long history of scientific research and experience in cooperation with the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Sexology Institute of Murcia (ISM). After about 5 years of research with more than 800 patients, we have proven MYHIXEL to be the only natural treatment that allows men to control ejaculation, multiplying 7 times the endurance of men during intercourse (see graph).

This is a ground-breaking pioneering methodology in the field of ejaculatory control. In fact, the results of our studies have been presented at several international congresses, and have had a great reception within the scientific community.

The renowned international publication The Journal of Sexual Medicine, has published the results of the latest clinical study carried out with the MYHIXEL Play app methodology along with MYHIXEL I device, showing, once again, the effectiveness of our product.


MYHIXEL adapts to every man’s individual needs, thanks to our two customized solutions:

Once the most suitable MYHIXEL option has been acquired, the user will have access to his own specific program through the MYHIXEL Play app and will be able to reach new levels of pleasure in his sex life. In addition, through the website, and the MYHIXEL Play application itself, you’ll be able to have a consultation with professionals specialized in the field of sexology. They will help you to maximize your results, and will be able to answer any questions that may arise throughout the process.

This is a cognitive-behavioral treatment protocol for ejaculatory control that combines the MYHIXEL Play MED application, designed specifically for men who ejaculate in less than 3 minutes during penetrative sexual intercourse, with MYHIXEL I, a unique device that offers you the most realistic sensation of penetration. This combination has proven to multiply up to 7 times men’s sexual stamina and performance in a totally natural way.

This is the answer for men who want to take things further during sexual intercourse through ejaculatory control. MYHIXEL TR combines the MYHIXEL Play TR program of gamebased activities, designed for men to learn specific motor skills that will improve the quality of their sexual performance, together with MYHIXEL I, a state-of-the-art pleasure device. You really can reach new levels of sexual pleasure thanks to MYHIXEL TR.


MYHIXEL is a pioneer in transforming the latest medical advances into unique sexual experiences, thanks to the MYHIXEL Play app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. What we offer is a series of contextualized challenges and personalize activities that improve men’s sexual well-being while they play, and try to overcome, the different challenges that the application presents them with.

The specific methodologies available with MYHIXEL Play, TR, and MED have been created by specialists in sexology and game-design, with the purpose of helping men to improve their performance in bed in a simple and fun way, always taking into account their individual needs.

User safety as a priority

MYHIXEL is firmly committed to the safety of its users’ data, and that’s why it has worked closely with a team of cybersecurity experts. As a result, MYHIXEL Play is designed in such a way that it doesn’t need to collect personal user information, allowing gameplay to be completely anonymous. In addition to this, the latest international standards of verification in mobile applications have been followed, thus guaranteeing a totally safe playing environment.


Thanks to the work of MYHIXEL sexologists, working together with a team of engineers, we have developed a unique device that uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to offer men the best possible sexual experience.

MYHIXEL I device is anatomically realistic, and its self-heating system which replicates body temperature, as well as its therapeutic vibration, allow us to experience a sensation that simulates penetration. All these features will help men to achieve their ultimate objective to be able to take more control over their ejaculation while enjoying his progress.

It’s a revolutionary therapeutic device which combines science and technology. Its cutting-edge design was inspired by the lifestyle of 21st century man, and was created with top of the range materials to enable optimum performance and the most intense sexual pleasure.


Technical specifications

• An innovative and internationally-patented device created using the latest medical and technological advances.

• MYHIXEL I has a therapeutic vibration system which enables ejaculatory control.

• A self-heating system to achieve a temperature very similar to our body temperature.

• Clinically tested on men, with proven results.

• Offers an experience that emulates real penetration.

• MYHIXEL I has a rechargeable lithium battery.

• Manufactured with high quality and perfectly safe anti-allergic material.

• Waterproof.

• MYHIXEL I is in process to be CE marked as a medical device.

• FDA registered medical device.

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